Our open, and collaborative global partnership network is led by a broadly diverse, cross-generational group of entrepreneurs, communicators, artists, and technologists.

Each member of our team is wholly unique; yet it is precisely this eclectic mix of skills, experience, and perspectives that enriches the partnerships offerings and shapes its culture, while benefiting the entrepreneurs we serve.


We value individuality. But, we also know how to be a team. We respect diverse opinions and lifestyles, both inside and outside of our environment. We intentionally seek diversity of background, talent, skills, and viewpoints as we recruit our creative, technical, executive, and advisory teams. Our differences unite and enrich us.

In so doing, we seek to be a preferred partner that attracts, develops and retains talented, high potential collaborators; to create a young and restless culture that embraces innovation, excellence, integrity, risk, and play; to develop, refine, and retain a creative technology and business edge that offers our partners and customers simplicity, options, and convenience; and to grow profitability to the benefit to all our shareholders.

We embrace risk thoughtfully. We walk along the creative edge of technology with confidence. We dance at the leading edge of design and innovation. The edge implies risk. We respond to risk with a sure balance and poise and a quick alert mind – agility is grace in the presence of risk.

We value integrity in what we say, what we do, and how we treat our many partners, employees, vendors, and investors. We set high standards of performance, and then seek to outperform them, always intending to deliver more than we promised. We treat people as we ourselves wish to be treated.

We are can-do, always open to potentials, always confident in our future. We believe in the power of the mind, our ability when passionately and persistently focused to create a new reality, to convert our mission to that reality. It is a core principle at work among our partners. We dream big. We learn from the past, but look to the future. Our vision is not tomorrow or next year, but the next generation. And it’s a vision that we walk toward expectantly and confidently.

Leadership support & governance

Our partners, sales network, and partnership network benefit from the wisdom and hands-on support of a robust advisory committee, an active and multi-skilled board of directors, and technical, marketing, and management partners.

We are committed to strong corporate governance to protect the rights of our growing community of stakeholders – founders, associates, employees, business partners, vendors, and shareholders.