Advances in technologies are rapidly changing the context of business and opening doors to new ways of doing things.  We capitalize on these changes by bringing global leaders and like minded entrepreneurs together to extend their vision and create new value.

These relationships help exponentially accelerate the success of new ventures and are reflected by less overhead, faster time to market, and a dramatic increase in early revenue.

In return, we’re able help build stronger monetization systems and foster next generation business development while gaining better, faster, and less expensive insights into what works – and what doesn’t.




Awakened business

Our vision has never been about one idea, but rather the intersection of many. It’s this intersection that has come to guide the very special breed of professionals who drive our partnerships. It’s also this intersection that allows us to set the unique creative climate that prompts our collaborators to reach for the ideas and execution that bring fresh, memorable, and quality content innovation.

New Brave World’s awakened business, at its core, focuses on hiring self motivated people; providing them training, tools, creative opportunity, and an inspiring platform; promoting fearless imagination and discourse; offering meaningful unlimited reward; and defining a vision that rivets their attention and their performance.

We believe entrepreneurship is about so much more than just making money. It invests and creates.  It sparks trends, shapes cultures, and shifts lifestyles. It influences law and politics, generates jobs, and pays taxes. It’s the heart of our society – a microcosm that reflects who we are and how we live – and is, in turn, shaped by the changing consciousness of the larger society. And as that society moves towards collective responsibility and shared vision – which is no doubt occurring now – businesses must respond with new models.

Our story

Like most, our history is checkered with mistakes – mistakes that have opened doors to new ways of doing things and created vast opportunity for our many stakeholders – customers, employees, partners, and shareholders. This is reflected by our company’s mission; to drive creative technology and to interpret opportunity in the new media landscape by accelerating the pace of testing new ideas, creating revenue, learning from mistakes, and developing rapidly scalable new models.

We’ve found that a small, dedicated, and agile team often accomplishes faster, better, more innovative results. They are able to quickly learn from mistakes and capture opportunity. Our ventures and the companies we support follow this philosophy.

Experience has instilled in us a belief not only in big ideas, but the nimble execution that makes big ideas become real. We don’t believe in big business, big ego, or big budgets. We do believe in rapidly testing new ideas. We do believe in freely sharing the things we learn. Above all we believe in the power of partnerships and we believe in nurturing our ever-expanding collective of highly intelligent, highly motivated, amazing friends, colleagues, and associates.