New Brave World


Today New Brave World reached a noteworthy milestone.  With the launch of our first website and New Thoughts, we’re stepping into our first visible chapter and for the first time packaging what we’ve learned and publicly activating our platform.

As the founder of New Brave World, I had a vision to create a protected, open, and collaborative global partnership network that could accelerate the testing of new ideas and serve as a platform for next generation business.  With a scrappy yet consequential team alongside me, I’ve had the privilege of watching that vision bloom as we’ve tested and scaled and refined our approach to helping select innovators find smart revenue and scale opportunity with category leaders, global brands, and a new generation of entrepreneurs.

New Thoughts will be a place for our partners to share their ideas on our ever changing landscape and serve as a repository for the key learnings we’ve been fortunate enough to gain by offering our partners better, faster, and less expensive insights into what works – and what doesn’t work.

Like most, our history and creation of our platform is checkered with mistakes – mistakes that have opened doors to new ways of doing things and created vast opportunity for our many stakeholders – customers, employees, partners, and shareholders. This is reflected by our company’s mission; to drive creative technology and to interpret opportunity in the new media landscape by accelerating the pace of testing new ideas, creating revenue, learning from mistakes, and developing rapidly scalable new models.

Experience has instilled in us a belief not only in big ideas, but the nimble execution that makes big ideas become real. We don’t believe in big business, big ego, or big budgets. We do believe in rapidly testing new ideas. We do believe in freely sharing the things we learn. Above all we believe in the power of partnerships and we believe in nurturing our ever-expanding collective of highly intelligent, highly motivated, amazing friends, colleagues, and associates.

We’re looking forward to the remainder of 2015 and are thankful for the amazing opportunities our clients and partners have sparked.  Our team is dedicated to proving that by putting partnership value over profit and by serving entrepreneurial leaders and providing them with unfettered access — unprecedented value, profit, and opportunity will follow.