Finding Opportunity Amongst the Noise

Geoff Miles

Social media and content publishers trumpet the “disruptors” and the “next big thing”. Much like the word “awesome”, language describing the ever-changing marketplace has become so hyperbolic that it can be difficult to discern what the next disruptive opportunity actually is.

Being on the edge of a changing industry can be a terrifying place. You look out at your landscape and it isn’t the same as it was just a year ago; it’s even different from what it was last week. That’s the world we live in today– a time where change doesn’t happen with a large, dramatic event but rather, where our industries are constantly changing every minute of every day in a manner that can easily slip by unnoticed if you’re not paying attention. Now more than ever, we’re desperately searching for the true signs of change (opportunity) among the ever-increasing noise.


It’s important for the digital media experts of today and tomorrow to recognize the signs of change. This doesn’t come from simply reading the latest articles and discussing trends over after-work drinks, but most importantly, by cultivating a strong, mindful state of awareness.  

Often times, a true sign of change will happen right in front of us, waving its hands frantically in front of our eyes, awaiting our epiphany, and then we walk past it, unfazed by its presence as we gaze down and refresh our inbox for the sixth time that morning. How can we position ourselves to recognize change (opportunity) when it presents itself to us?  

Entire studies and practices have been created around answering this question, so I won’t attempt to answer that here. However, it’s important to keep in mind that this is not a new concept, it’s just one that most of us neglect. Practicing mindfulness and meditation with regularity are two of the most powerful ways to increase our state of awareness – and with that, our capacity to recognize change.  

At New Brave World, the entrepreneurs we work with seek out and capture new innovation opportunities with their content and brand marketing partners regularly. We emphasize openness to possibilities and guide our partners to recognize and act on changing paradigms as they occur.