Activating Purpose with Gratitude

Gil Rogoff

For our second blog post, I think an important subject to discuss is gratitude and its application in business. Similar sentiments, such as self-awareness and mindfulness, are becoming ever more important among today’s society; especially among the millennial population. However, the difference between talking about gratitude and acting with gratitude is vast. Deepak Chopra, author and spiritualist, often discusses how gratitude creates abundance and consciousness. It allows one to connect to the very moment; opening the heart and helping to increase happiness and promote balance. Being able to practice these habit loops can have a deep impact in defining our purpose and making our dreams a reality.

At New Brave World, we engage deeply with entrepreneurs to help them move forward with their vision and to grow their footprint in the marketplace. We do this by nurturing relationships, not only with the Entrepreneurs who partner with us, but with the people who provide thought leadership across the content and brand investment landscape.  Three ideas that I like to use as we evaluate new opportunities;

1. Focus on Relationships First

Internally and externally, the concept is the same. Value and nurture your relationships. Within an organization, finding and retaining high-quality talent is a constant challenge. It’s important to nurture employees and address the items that are important to them. In the long-term, this will provide dividends with higher productivity across the organization and a working environment that feels less like “work”.

In expanding sales partnerships, the concept is the same. You’d be surprised how quickly one can connect with a potential prospect by addressing an item that’s important them – be it something connected to their latest blog post or the previous night’s Yankees’ game. The internet is a tremendous resource, moreso today than ever before, and there’s no shame in doing a social media inquiry or google search on the next person you have a meeting with – in fact, it may be the difference between a strong, new partnership and a failed attempt.

2. Give & Take Columns

People can recognize when you’re just trying to get something from them. In business and personal relationships, a balancing act exists between “giving” and “taking”; more often we see the latter take precedent. However, it’s beneficial in many relationships to work towards finding opportunities to partner together; establishing a give and take column can be a helpful tool to manage your own expectations and predict outcomes. This mindset enables you to act with gratitude, and while the lesson, it can be a guiding compass for how you lead your life both personally and professionally.  

3. Look in the Mirror

Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. This is no longer just a recommendation for life; it is a requirement of doing business in today’s society. As marketers, we want our brand to be heard, valued and paid attention to, but for that to occur we must first recognize the same for our brand advocates – give them our attention, and make sure they know we value them. Whether you’re working on your own personal brand, your company, or as a marketer looking to grow your business, the same rules apply.